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  • Manufacturing day sews a feather in the cap of SPM students
    "...the winter term manufacturing day was the first time Schuh and his classmates got the chance to construct and cost at the same time, all while creating a real product for Operation of Hope. The nonprofit works to correct facial deformities of children throughout the world, with surgical staff wearing bright orange skullcaps."
  • Bike ride starting in Tustin raises funds for medical team that performs surgeries in developing countries
    • Nehanda Radio
    "Car crash man's nose rebuilt in ground-breaking surgery"
  • Operation of Hope Conducts Cleft Palate Surgeries in Bulawayo
    • VOA
    "Twenty people - mostly children and teens - will have free corrective surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate, courtesy of a United States-based not-for-profit organization which has brought a team of specialist surgeons and nurses for the first time to Bulawayo."
  • Jennifer Lent
    • AKANA
    "My most interesting experience as a CRNA occurred in May, 2016. I traveled to Harare Central Hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe, to work as a CRNA on a facial reconstructive humanitarian mission. I worked with Operation of Hope on the organization’s 16th trip to Zimbabwe."
  • Maimed African Teen's Amazing Journey to America
    • ABCnews
    "After hearing Makwera's story, Operation of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides surgical care, healthcare and medical training programs in under-served areas of the world- along with then 12-year-old Portland, Ore., native Hayden Skoch-decided to take action."
  • Hope for Africa
    • Azusa Pacific University
    "South Africa ranks 145th out of 197 countries in combating infant mortality. Only three pediatric hospitals exist on the entire African continent to serve its 450 million children in need of health care. By comparison, 14 pediatric hospitals serve California alone."
  • Zimbabwe: Operation of Hope Bring More Smiles
    • allAfrica
    "AT least 67 people from various parts of the country with mouth deformities, many of them children last week benefited from free surgery from the United States based volunteer group, Operation of Hope."
  • Lake Forest charity gets $50,000 from Hugh Jackman
    • The OCR
    "The actor will split a $100,000 donation between Charity: Water and Operation of Hope. The donation follows a contest Jackman held via his official Twitter profile. In it he announced he would donate $100,000 to a person’s favorite nonprofit organization."
  • People magazine, CNN to honor Longview native Jennifer Trubenbach
    "Jennifer Trubenbach, a 1977 Mark Morris graduate, is one of four people People magazine named to “Heroes Among Us” for 2008 along with Beloved Jefeti, a 17-year-old boy from Zimbabwe, Africa, whose face was badly disfigured because of a land-mine accident. Trubenbach took out a second mortgage for $180,000 to pay for reconstructive surgery for Beloved, who has been living with the family for nearly a year."
  • Zimbabwe village outcast embraced by O.C. school kids
    • The Orange County Register
    "Beloved is 17 years old and nearly 6 feet tall. But every school day he squeezes behind a third-grade desk in Mission Viejo where he counts Cheerios, learns to read and makes glitter glue crafts alongside adoring pint-size classmates who are prone to mobbing him on the playground with invitations to jump rope or tie their shoes."
  • People magazine offers article on retired Longview doctor's Operation Hope
    "Beloved lived with Clawson’s daughter and son-in-law, Jennifer and Ted Trubenbach in California, and an off-shoot of Operation of Hope called Operation Beloved is still raising money to cover part of the $187,000 cost of his surgery."
  • Operation Of Hope
    "Retired Longview surgeon Dr. Joe Clawson and a group of volunteers left April 2 for Zimbabwe to conduct 80 facial surgeries in two weeks. It’s the third trip to Africa for Clawson’s Operation of Hope organization, which also has led missions to Ecuador for 20 years."
  • An Operation Called Hope
    • The Oprah Magazine
    "In the desperately poor African country of Zimbabwe, an all-female team of medical miracle workers is changing (and often saving) lives by providing free reconstructive surgery to children with cleft lips and palates. Difficult? Yes. The best thing they've ever done? Without a doubt. Aimee Lee Ball puts on her scrubs."
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award
    • Colleague
    "Trubenbach has worked at Operation of Hope since 1996. She manages public speaking engagements, fundraising efforts, surgical supply inventories, travel arrangements, volunteer coordination, and legal and regulatory compliance. Previously, she was a field consultant and corporate training executive at ASI in Atlanta, Georgia, and, before that, director of marketing, sales, and special events for MGM Grand Air. Trubenbach has also worked for Bell and Howell, Jet America, and the Carter Hawley Hale Corporation."