Dr. Kevin Healy was part of the Operation of Hope volunteer medical team that performed 21 surgeries in Blantyre, Malawi. We are so thankful to have wonderful volunteers join us on every mission. Below are excerpts from Dr. Healy’s blog, “Have Laryngoscope, Will Travel.” Please note that some images are surgical in nature and therefore may be disturbing to some readers.

Preparing for the trip to Malawi Africa with Operation of Hope:
"I spent most of Wednesday packing for a trip to Malawi. We will be doing cleft lip and palate surgery at the CURE hospital in Blantyre. It will be a long trip, with an over-night in Johannesburg South Africa on Friday."Dr. Kevin Healy, Anesthesiologist
Overnight in Johannesburg:
"Tonight I’ll sleep at a quiet bed & breakfast, the Sunflowers Guesthouse, 15 minutes from the airport. I hope to leave at 7:45 Saturday morning for a 10:00 flight to Blantyre Malawi."Dr. Kevin Healy, Anesthesiologist
Blantyre: Screening and the first day of surgery:
"We just got back from the screening clinic. Twenty children and adults came through; we put 17 on the schedule for the coming week. One lady, 17 years old, came in for a cleft lip repair and we put her 3 month old daughter with a cleft lip on as well."Dr. Kevin Healy, Anesthesiologist
Wrap up on Beit CURE Blantyre Malawi:
"We operated on mother Tuesday afternoon and child Wednesday morning. The photos were taken on Friday afternoon. There’s nothing better than getting a twofer and having such good results."Dr. Kevin Healy, Anesthesiologist


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