Our very own Operation of Hope, volunteer Lisa is running the Boston Marathon April 21st and Op of Hope, volunteer, Claire Donohue is volunteering at the event, as she does every year! And, fun news…. Blessing is registered for his next half marathon on April 19th, too- The Robbie Creek! He is currently attending Adult Education Classes near the local Community College until his next surgery and dental implants and according to Lisa, he’s getting used to the Idaho cold and making all kinds of friends!

Blessing's hope for Lisa's Boston Marathon Run

Operation of Hope, volunteer nurse anesthetist, Lisa Rogien, will run the Boston Marathon this April with the goal of helping Blessing Makwera from Zimbabwe, Africa, after he suffered a land-mine detonator explosion in his mouth at the age of 14. Lisa is currently hosting Blessing in her home in Boise, Idaho as he attends school awaiting the completion of the multiple and complex surgeries generously donated by Sharp Memorial Hospital needed to restore his handsome face.

In Lisa’s words

“This is my second year running the Boston Marathon for charity. This year I will be raising money for Operation of Hope. I went on my first mission with Operation of Hope in 2010 and will be part of the 2014 cleft team two weeks before the marathon. Training for a marathon is a huge commitment. It involves time, endurance, sacrifice, and stamina. My dedication to training and completing the Boston Marathon mirrors my commitment to serving on cleft missions.

The pain, sweat, tears, blisters, and toenails lost training for and running the marathon pale in comparison to the suffering the children, parents, and families of cleft deformities endure. I want to raise funds for the 2014 cleft mission to Zimbabwe and support the continued strong work of Operation of Hope”.


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